Stock Photography Subjects


Scenic Images/Sans People
Abert Rim, Oregon
Balch Creek, Portland, B/W
Bull Run Lake and Mt. Hood
Clouds, lenticular, stacked
Cloud, red wispy
Country Lane
Death Valley cliffs
Divorce Flats, Nevada
Grand Teton, North Face, Grandstand
Grand Teton, North Face
Grand Teton, North Face
Grand Teton, North Ridge
Light rail Portland at dawn
Mt. Hood, fall colors, NW ridge
Mt. Hood at dawn with apartment towers
Mt. Hood, with cloud
Mt. Hood with Bullrun Lake
Mt. Hood Pearly Gates and Hogsback
Mt. Hood, Sunshine Rt. the bergschrund
Mt. Hood, Sunshine Route
Mt. Hood North Side climbing routes
Mt. Hood, Yocum Ridge
Mt. Hood, January 1, 1970
Mt. Hood, January 1, 1970
Mt. St. Helens and sunset
Mt. St. Helens lava dome cracks
North Cascades, Hozomeen
North Cascades, Pioneer Ridge
Painted Hills State Park Mitchell, Oregon
Petroglyphs Utah
Ramona Falls, Oregon
Ramona Falls, Oregon, with snow
Red berries and frosted tree
Rio Grand River near Los Alamos
Rocks on trail to Saddle Mountain
Rowena Dell, Oregon
Salmon River, Winter Scenes
Sheep ranch, Willametter Valley
Snowy Road, B/W
Snowy shadows of trees
Snowy trees
Star tracks over Yangtze River
Red rock cliff and crack, Moab
Garden of the Gods, Moab
Utah Moab Sunset
Willamette Valley
Wilson River, Oregon
Yangtze River Source w/kayaker


Scenic w/people, sports outdoors
Climber on Forbidden Peak, North Cascades
Climbers, Perfect Impasse, Picket Range
Cross Country Skiing
Fisherman, ocean salmon catch
Hells Canyon
Hiker, Dog Mountain, Columbia River Gorge
Hiker, Indian Beach, Ecola State Park
Hiker, Mt. Rainier
Hiker, Ramona Falls
Hikers, Trinity Alps, California
Hunter, Blue Mountains, Oregon
Ramona Falls, Oregon, hiker
Rowers on Willamette River
Runners resting on pier
Runner on S-curve road, morning
Runner on straight highway
Runner with red truck on highway
Runner on Mt. St Helens
Runner, Zabriskie Point, Death Valley
Santa running in snow
Snowy Road w/child and mother
Walkers at dawn, silhouettes
West Fir Oregon, logging truck, mill
Winter river scene
Winter scene from Larch Mountain
Cross Country Skiing, Trillum Trail, Mt. Hood


Berries on icy tree
Bicycle memorial
Jim Bouton, pitching
Car, custom
Color swatch yellow
Color on building
Dewdrops on spider web
Downtown building with reflections
Dr. Pierce's barn, Winlock, Washington
Solar Eclipse, Feb. 26 1979 Oregon
Face in rock
Green and cement building
Green Street buildings, Portland
Kids in Jammu-Kashmir
Oars on small boat, colorful
O'Hare Airport tunnel lights
Oregon Grape in the rain
Painter's pants

Parker Glass Furnace
Red truck on straight highway
Eagle Creek Trail in the Rain
Palmer Mill Road creek on Larch Mountain
Signal Hill, Long Beach 1925 Vintage Photo
Sunball and dewdrops
Traffic multiple exposure
Truck on straight highway
Wah Chang Zirconium furnace ingot