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WHO/CONTACT: Ancil Nance

T: 503-803-4258


Address: 826 SE Bidwell, Portland, OR 97202


Photographs and text by Ancil Nance Design by James Kiehle Paperback, 11” W, 8.5” H 128 pages, 120 full-color photographs ISBN 978-0-578-25068-7 $30.00

WHEN: July, 2021

WHERE: Portland, Oregon

WHY: Thirty-Five years ago Ancil Nance took part in the  Sino-USA Upper Yangtze River Expedition, which rafted from the source at the base of Mt. Geladangdong in Tibet at 17,600’ elevation, tracking across the Tibetan Plateau 1100 miles as the world’s third longest river flowed and twisted its way between Tibet and China to Batang at 9000’, dropping through gorges with hour-long Class V white water, and keeper-holes that seemed at first “un-runnable.”

Nance began the expedition as backup photographer and climber (climber needed in an emergency), but soon was rowing a raft and taking photos along with his other duties as a dishwasher and general grunt due to the untimely death of the expedition photographer and the subsequent quitting of three oarsmen and the team doctor, who left the expedition at Yushu before actually running any big whitewater.

Nance’s personal account is illustrated with over 100 photographs, which include several of Ancil taken by team member Ron Mattson, and the back cover photo by oarsman, Zhang Jiyue.  Team cinematographer, Paul Sharpe’s comments are included to give a different point of view at key junctures in the narrative, and they also appear on the Internet version, Copies of the book are for sale at Wallace Books, 7241 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland, OR 97202, or can be purchased from Ancil Nance, by sending $35 to PayPal to my email address: