1. Finding a road that looked steep in a photograph was tough. Plenty of roads feel steep, but are not photogenic. This shot was taken at Rowena loops on the old Columbia River Highway.

nike shoe ad

2. We looked all over for a green golf course with a trail in the right place, even going down to big name courses in California, but ended up back at Eastmoreland in Portland.

nike shoe ad

3. This image was taken in Death Valley, but it was not at any famous viewpoint. The original layouts showed Monument Valley, but perhaps that location would over power the concept, so I scouted and found this place, with the right mix of beauty and menace. CA 84 Advertising Annual


4. The photo is not a composite, despite what looks like some artful cloud adjustments around the knees. I found a small hill where the angle would allow me to lie down and shoot toward the clouds while the model jumped as high as possible. The day was just right, with cumulus clouds floating by. He jumped through 10 rolls of film.

shoe ad

5. This shot was done in June, in the hills outside of Sante Fe. We needed a ski area with trees to keep it from just being another easy ski day and to match the ad line. I used a Fuji 6x17 camera because the art director plannned for a very wide layout.

nike ad

6. This is one of my favorite ads and the most fun to shoot. I went to the Santa Barbara area 3 days before the shoot to scout locations, and one of them was the pier at Goleta. The ad line was the guide and we photographed the runners racing toward us, with dawn light. Then David Kennedy asked them to take a rest, and the best shot was this one where Terry Howell, sitting down, just discovers a splinter and is reacting. CA 84 Advertising Annual

nike ad

7. Scouting for this ad sent us all over Central Oregon looking for a scene where rocks could dominate in a likely running situation. We ended up near Lake Billy Chinook.

adidas ad

8. The assignment was to find an urban running scene that would fit the ad line. I picked the Mission District of San Diego, with its simplicity and street graphics as the perfect place for an early morning "naked" run. The receding street goes forever and the runner is all alone. CA 88 Advertising Annual, AD Michael Prieve

nike ad

9. New York was picked as the setting for this Nike running ad and when we saw the Booklyn Bridge I knew what I wanted to do: climb the cables for this perspective. CA 84 Advertising Annual

safe passage

10. InSport had a catalog that needed a beauty shot of a guy running with snow shoes. We were able to get to Lolo Pass just after a snow fall that provided just the right setting.

snow run

11. This is one of my first Nike ads, it's an idea by David Kennedy. The ad line was "Without Peers." We rented a crane to get over the car and runner. The tail lights were done at night, shooting a pickup truck with lights that really showed, so this is a composite photo. It was featured in American Photography One, 1985, and Print Casebooks 7, The Best in Advertising, 1987/1988.


12. A foggy day on Council Crest, with myself as the runner. Peter Moore said, "If I was a photographer I would be out taking pictures right now." I left his office and found this shot.

foggy day

13. Another InSport catalog cover shot, taken at Mt. Tabor, Portland